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"The Builders of Peace" is dedicated to all those men and women who have given some or their entire life for the benefit of humanity, leaving selfishness to create the bonds that define us as a society. Is also dedicated to my friends composers who have remained loyal to his word and the ideals of Babel sin Fronteras. To those who believe that this world can be a better place for future generations.
“The Builders of Peace” is the result of management that took place during the year 2011 to fulfill the First Festival of Culture Creative Commons Babel sin Fronteras. In this first festival (called) "Nòmada-Babel" had as a guest the "collective" Nòmada from Spain. In the future editions will be called simply "Babel sin Fronteras Festival”
One of the most important participations was the group"Babel sin Fronteras Visual Artists”, directed by Master Jerzy Wykosky from Poland. With the work of this group, were conducted simultaneous exhibitions in Poland and Mexico with the participation of visual artists from various countries.
The First Festival of Culture Creative Commons "Babel sin Fronteras" was held in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. Mexico., During the month of January 2012 with a series of cultural and artistic activities such as music, theater, cinema, performances, exhibitions graphics. Also conducted social assistance visits for children with terminal illnesses in collaboration with the Foundation “Cuento con tu sonrisa” (I have your smile) and collecting clothing and food for underserved areas.
For more information about the activities of the festival, you can visit:http//:tiempoperdidorecords.blogspot.com
Thanks to all the people, cultural centers, institutions and media that supported us in the organization, operation and dissemination of the festival. Thank you all for participating artists bring their music to the album's release Special thanks to:
Jerzy Wykoski de TOP-ART ( Szczecin- Polonia) www.top-art.com.pl
Daniela Vivareli de Creative Workshop (Empoli-Italia) http://creative-workshop.org/
Escritores por Ciudad Juarez http://escritoresporjuarez.net/
Jorge Estrada
• Elegy for Juarez (the limit of the road) Theme composed by Jorge Estrada (Leon, Mexico) especially for collective reading of poetry by Juarez. Involving 144 people 25 countries and 4 continents September 1 in Bilbao, Spain.
Artistas Visuales:
1.-Frederic ROMAC (Francia)
2.-Cad Camouonem (Indonessia)
3.-Bhumil Soochak(India)
4.-Isabella Rewcio (Polonia)
5.-Elias Tobares (Argentina)
6.-Jaydeb Bhattacharya (India)
7.-Karolina Wachowaiak (Polonia)
8.-Kazimierz Rajnerowicz (Polonia)
9.-Monika Laskazewska (Polonia)
10.-Tim Stutz (Alemania)
Visual Artists TOP-ART (Poland)
Directed by Jerzy Wykoski
Iris Aneas (España)
Dhalius (Mèxico) Monkey Yeah(Mèxico)
Arty (Mèxico)
Roberto Daglio (Italia) Woodlander (España)
Radio Protector (Mèxico)
Pascalino Ubaldini (Italia)
Paolo Pavan (Italia)
Thierry D`elia (Bèlgica)
Jorge Estrada (Mèxico)
Book art: Kazimierz Rajnerowicz
Ediciòn y direcciòn Jorge Estrada

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